When COVID19 hits the world, it affect every sector including higher education. It forces the university to move from face-to-face approach to emergency remote teaching (ERT) when it comes to Teaching & Learning (T&L) where class will be conducted online via teleconferencing apps to name a few ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and others.

As the higher education saw a transition from conventional to online method in T&L since March 2020, it shows that the synchronous approach requires more data and stable connectivity which not all students have the same access to stable and quality internet connection when they are at home. Most popular asynchronous approach is where the lecturers record their lecture and share it on YouTube platform. This will help the students to watch the video at their own time and they will have the option to pause the video and play it over and over again until they understand the lesson.

PSM saw the importance of producing good quality lecture video hence approve a facility namely Mini Studio PSM to help the lecturer to have a good set up in producing the lecture video.

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