Research in CMS generally divided into four (4) main research clusters

Fluid Flow Modelling

This research group accentuates on mathematical modelling of the flow and heat transfer of various types of fluid including Newtonian fluid, non-Newtonian fluid, nanofluid and hybrid nanofluid

Modelling & Simulation

This research group deals with modelling and simulation which is strongly application focused that arise in engineering and industrial problems

Statistics & Data Analytics

This research group focuses predominantly on data-based research and consultancy including statistical analysis and modelling

Intelligent Computing & Optimization

This research group focuses on optimization, decision making, heuristic, meta-heuristic, goal programming, and intelligent computing to solve any related industrial and engineering problems

List of Active Grants

Fundings are obtain either internally (i.e., Universiti Malaysia Pahang) or externally, both at national and international levels. Applications for grant or funding at CMS in UMP is managed and administered by Department of Research & Innovation of UMP